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Pacific Rim Sequel Announced and Why I Dont’ Care

So, Guillermo del Toro revealed he’s writing the script for a sequel to Pacific Rim. I would say I was disappointed with Pacific Rim but that would mean I had been looking forward to seeing it, which I wasn’t. I … Continue reading

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Alien Returns to Big Screen after 35 years!

  This year the sci-fi masterpiece Alien turns 35 and to celebrate Genesis Cinema BAFTA nominated editor Terry Rawlings and associate producer Ivor Powell will also be at the screening for a Q&A session. I’m really looking forward to this, … Continue reading

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NWA Biopic Announced

Like most hip-hops fans the minute I heard NWA were going to be the subject of a film. I was apprehensive.. REALLY? OK cool, but are we going to get the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? … Continue reading

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Final Girls and Scream Queens

So, what’s a Final Girl? Well, the name or concept of a Final Girl was first coined by Carol J. Clover came up with in 1992 in her book ‘Men, Women, and Chain Saws: Gender in the Modern Horror Film’. … Continue reading

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Orange is the New Crack!

I love Orange is the New Black. Like straight up, no bullshit LOVE IT. I read the book a few months ago, having watched all of season one in a matter of hours when it was released and I wanted … Continue reading

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Hate 3D? You got some ‘splainin to do!

What do you mean you don’t like 3D?! I need someone to sit down and really explain to me what is they hate so much about 3D. I get it’s not for everyone but the hate is palpable. They don’t … Continue reading

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