Hate 3D? You got some ‘splainin to do!

Ricky RicardoWhat do you mean you don’t like 3D?!

I need someone to sit down and really explain to me what is they hate so much about 3D.

I get it’s not for everyone but the hate is palpable. They don’t like 3D so you shouldn’t either.
It’s snobbery.

Most 3D films are released in 2D for you joyless sacks of skin so stop ruining our fun and go watch your movie. No one is forcing you to watch these films in 3D, no one is saying ALL films should be in 3D, so what’s your beef?

When 3D is used well, it’s breathtaking. Coraline was a beautiful (and creepy) experience in 3D and all the animated films I’ve seen in 3D have been such fun, do you remember fun? no , I don’t suppose you do.

All I hear is “it’s a gimmick” and “it’s not really 3D” etc That’s not a valid reason. Not for the amount of bile that gets spewed forth every time 3D is mentioned I want details not sound bites.
So, open up, tell me why you hate 3D…


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