Pacific Rim Sequel Announced and Why I Dont’ Care

pacific rim

So, Guillermo del Toro revealed he’s writing the script for a sequel to Pacific Rim. I would say I was disappointed with Pacific Rim but that would mean I had been looking forward to seeing it, which I wasn’t. I love Guillermo but it just looked like MEGA Transformers fights MEGA Monsters and not much else, which is all well and good if you’re into that,but I’m not. The draw of del Toro is such that I watched it anyway hoping some of his dark, fairytale style would be in there somewhere.
It wasn’t.
It was a fairly dull affair, it just didn’t do anything for me. So this announcement of a sequel, which is irritating enough in itself – why must EVERYTHING have a bloody sequel? really doesn’t excite me.

What I want is Guillermo’s take on Frankenstein, I’ve heard he’s in talks with screenwriter Frank Darabond who wrote the screenplay for the 1994 version of Frankenstein directed by and starring Kenneth Branagh. I was only 13 when that film came out and I’ve only watched it twice so I don’t remember much although I seem to remember half liking it. I might just rewatch it for shits and giggles, see if it’s any good.


Anyway, I can imagine Guillermo doing a great job with Frankenstein. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for that.


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