Don’t Like 3D? You got some ‘Splainin’ to do!

Ricky RicardoWhat do you mean you don’t like 3D?!

I need someone to sit down and really explain to me what is they hate so much about 3D.

I get it’s not for everyone but the hate is palpable. They don’t like 3D so you shouldn’t either.
It’s snobbery.

Most 3D films are released in 2D for you joyless sacks of skin so stop ruining our fun and go watch your movie. No one is forcing you to watch these films in 3D, no one is saying ALL films should be in 3D, so what’s your beef?

When 3D is used well, it’s breathtaking. Coraline was a beautiful (and creepy) experience in 3D and all the animated films I’ve seen in 3D have been such fun, do you remember fun? no , I don’t suppose you do.

3d All I hear is “it’s a gimmick” and “it’s not really 3D” etc That’s not a valid reason. Not for the amount of bile that gets spewed forth every time 3D is mentioned I want details not sound bites.
So, open up, tell me why you hate 3D…


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2 Responses to Don’t Like 3D? You got some ‘Splainin’ to do!

  1. There are good uses for 3D and bad ones. The main thing, and you’ve already noticed it, is it works much better for non-real things (animation and CGI) than for photographing people. Humans and real sets come across looking like those pop-up books – one flat plane in front of another, instead of rounded three-dimensional shapes. The things on screen don’t shift relational perspective the way they do if you look at the items in a room while walking through. That’s actually distracting and irritating to me because it makes things look less real than having everything on one plane.

    All too often, because it’s a fad right now and a cheaper way to do it, movies are shot in 2D and converted in post-production to 3D. That looks even faker than shooting real people and things in 3D. I watched Captain America: Winter Soldier, which was made that way, and hated it. It also makes the image really dim and smeary. By comparison, I saw The Avengers in 2D, which was also a “3D in post” and it looked terrific.

    My third gripe is that 3D ruins movies that don’t need it for a compelling story purpose. It turned both Hobbit movies into video games by shoe-horning extended chase sequences into the plots to showcase the technology.

    Have I liked ANY 3D movies? Sure. My favorites have been Hugo, and Life of Pi. I also liked the Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland, and Oz, the Great and Terrible. I haven’t seen Up in 3D, but I bet it’s good. These all fit the boundaries I explained above.

    The one I had the worst problem with was Avatar. Because my eyes have two different prescriptions I have to wear glasses or contacts inside the 3D spectacles, and at about the 2 1/2 hour mark I got a terrible headache and had to leave the theater to vomit. Since then I check the running times before I go and avoid anything in 3D over 135 minutes.

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