Wer PosterI watched Wer yesterday and I just couldn’t decide if I liked it or not so I decided to sleep on it, see how I felt in the morning.
Its now morning and I’ve decided it was a pretty disappointing film but it does have some highlights.
Written and directed by William Brent Bell who made the promising but ultimately awful film The Devil Inside, Wer is the story of a man, Talan, arrested for murdering a family who were vacationing in France and his defense attorney’s efforts to exonerate him.

prisonerThe film is being touted as a found footage flick but it isn’t, it uses home footage when showing the initial attack on the family and news footage throughout the film.
Wer is a werewolf story but not as we know it, more a wolf-man than a werewolf as the killer doesnt transform into a wolf/beast but gains incredible strength and a thirst for blood when the moon is full.
The film starts off strong but plods along for the second act, a lot of waffle and not much else until Talan is taken to a hospital to test for a unique condition that if he does indeed have, will prove he couldn’t have killed the family at the start of the film. This is when the film ramps up a bit and the body count racks up.

CXhlHxlI still wasn’t quite sold on the film right up until the last 15 minutes or so when things take a predictable and yet surprising turn , I was reminded of Bob Geldof in The Wall.
If you like creature features I’d say give it a go, it isn’t your usual wolf tale but also be prepared to be a little bored at times. We spend a lot of time with four characters and to be honest I couldn’t care less about any of them but at least this film didn’t leave me apoplectic like The Devil Inside did.


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