Christmas Gifts for Film Fans

What do you get the cinephile in your life for Christmas? Don’t worry, I got this. Below are 10 items any film fan would be grateful to receive this Christmas.

1. Film Christmas Jumper
Fargo and Gremlins inspired t-shirts are available!

2. What I Love About Movies
Featuring legendary directors Francis Ford Coppola,the Coen Brothers, Wes Anderso,  Steven Soderbergh, Darren Aronofsky and Quentin Tarantino answer the question ‘what do you love about the movies?’

3. Space Wolf Ltd Evil Dead 2 Poster

4. Bride of Frankenstein Lamp

5. Mark Kermode – Hatchet Job
Is the film fan in your life a film blogger? If so, this book is for them. Kermode talks about film criticism, Internet based film critics along with some great anecdotes.

6. Film Magazine Subscription

Be it Empire, Total Film, Scream Magazine, Fangoria, Sight & Sound. There are a lot of good film magazines any fan would be glad to receive a subscription to.

7. Melting Toht Candle

Seriously, how awesome is this. Who wouldn’t want a melting Nazi for Christmas? This is a must for Indiana Jones fans.

8. John Carpenter’s – Lost Themes

Released via Deathwaltz Records this is the debut solo album from the legendary director and composer behind Halloween, The Thing and more!

9. Sugar & Vice – The Overlook Hotel Necklace

Sugar & Vice recently unveiled their Abstract Collection which features this beauty and a nice Twin Peaks related necklace too!

10. Stanley Kubrick Archives

The ultimate present for any Kubrick fan. Featuring essays, interviews and stills never seen before.


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