I Watched Twixt So You Don’t Have To

posterFrancis Ford Coppola has lost his damn mind. I appreciate he’s made some crappy films in the past but his name still carries such weight that I’m still drawn in by it. I wish I wasn’t.
How can the man who gave us Apocalypse Now, The Godfather and Dracula (shut up! I like it) produce such a total waste of time?

Twixt stars Val Kilmer as Hall Baltimore, a bargain basement writer visiting a small, strange town and during his stay he gets himself involved in a murder case. Hall’s a heavy drinker trying to cope with the death of his daughter and is under pressure to write a new book. A local girl has been murdered with a stake through the heart and the local sheriff Bobby LaGrange, played by Bruce Dern, thinks it would make a great idea for a book and wants to work with Hall on what he calls The Vampire Executions. He’s even made a small working execution chair that drives a stake into the heart of a Barbie. So far, so bad.

twixt03His first night in the town Hall has a strange dream where he meets a young girl called V played by Elle Fanning. She and Hall walk towards a hotel where Edgar Allan Poe once stayed briefly.
The hotel is derelict but in his dream the hotel is open and Hall meets the owners (there’s a strong David Lynch vibe to this scene which I liked, it’s a shame that the film never manages to get that vibe back) and sees ghosts of children killed at the hotel. Good god the story is convoluted.

Twixt-007The ghost of Edgar Allan Poe turns up and helps Hall with his new book, solve the murder of the ghostly children, the murder of the local girl, discover who V is and come to terms with his daughters death. That’s a lot of work for a ghost!

Twixt is odd. Coppola’s son died the same way as Hall’s daughter so it’s feels a little off that this self reference is cloaked in such a terrible film that can’t decide if it’s horror or a comedy. The film feels like it’s trying to be clever by adding so many plot points but it fails. If you’re thinking of giving Twixt a go I’d say don’t bother, it’s a mess of a film that will leave you feeling nothing but apathy.


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2 Responses to I Watched Twixt So You Don’t Have To

  1. thycriticman says:

    Thank you. I was thinking of giving this one a go as I have been reading the screenplay of the original Godfather and felt the need to watch a few of his films again. As a horror movie, this interested me. I keep hearing how terrible it is and you make it sound like that is true. Damn!

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