Where The Devil Hides (The Devil’s Hand)

where-the-devil-hides-9Where the Devil Hides, known in the US as The Devil’s Hand, has a strong start with a prophecy foreshadowing the arrival of the devil’s hand via 6 girls born on the 6th day of the 6th month. These girls are born into a religious sect and the leader Elder Beacon (played by the excellent Colm Meaney) is determined to kill the babies to stop the prophecy but Rufus Sewell ,the father of one of the 6 babies, stops Elder Beacon and the girls are safe. All except one whose mother, all too aware of the prophecy suffocates her baby before killing herself.
And then there were 5.

_MG_5693.CR2We skip to years later and the girls, unaware of the prophecy, are approaching their 18th birthday which according to the prophecy will turn one of them into the devils hand.

One of the girls, Mary, played by Alycia Debnam Carey has a seizure during which she has disturbing visions which seem to be fragments of the future. The girls are aware of rumours within their Amish style community and Mary in particular knows that her stepmother played by Jennifer Carpenter, despises her but she has no idea why. One by one the girls are murdered but by who? It’s up to Mary to find out before it’s too late.

_MG_7956.CR2The Devil’s Hand is more slasher whodunit than supernatural frightfest which I wasn’t expecting and it’s this unexpected move that makes this film stand out. I certainly wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I did. The religious aspect is by no means new and the stereotypical evil stepmother trope is as well worn as the holier than thou religious leader but there are some surprises in store as well as some good scares.

IMG_5421.CR2Alycia Debnam Carey does well as the lead and plays the repressed, confused but resourceful teenager with ease and has solid support in the 4 actresses surrounding her. There is little gore although that is upped towards the end of the film but it’s the pared back style that rather reminded me of 70’s horror where a lot of the terror came from atmosphere alone and the kept the tention high. The Devil’s Hand has some good scares but it isn’t going to give you sleepless nights and although the final act uses some truly atrocious music, I liked the ending and overall I think it’s worth a watch.

Where The Devil Hides will be available to order via Amazon on the 26th of January


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