What Happened Miss Simone?


What Happened Miss Simone is a new documentary about Nina Simone and is available on Netflix.

I’ve been a fan of Nina Simone for years but I had no idea how involved she became with the civil rights movement and how that affected her career.

A classically trained pianist from early childhood, it wasn’t until her early 20’s that Nina Simone started singing in public. Once people heard her voice, they couldn’t forget it.

Told through interviews with her family, band members and others, What Happened Miss Simone? Looks at her life and due to a diagnosis of bipolar disorder that came far too late in her life, her struggle with fame and relationships tore the woman apart but she never lost her shine.

Nina Simone was quite the badass and the film does a good job of showing the good and the bad sides of this remarkable woman.

What Happened Miss Simone? Is available on Netflix.


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Mad, bad and dangerous to know.
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