Garden City Cinema Review – Inside Out


Inside Out is now showing at the Garden City Cinema

Pixar have done it again!

I was a little wary of Inside Out, a film about emotions as seen through the mind of a young girl. The obvious stereotypical clichés popped into my mind but it being Pixar I gave them the benefit of the doubt and I’m glad I did.


Inside Out is the story of a girl named Riley who is a typical 12 year old but as we know this is a tricky age and after her family move to San Francisco taking Riley away from her friends, her beloved ice hockey team and basically everything she’s ever known, she begins to experience emotions that are somewhat new to her.

She is homesick and is transitioning from being a little girl to a young woman but she doesn’t quite know how to articulate what she’s feeling. Something we can all relate to, growing up isn’t easy.


Her brain is run by five characters Joy, Fear, Sadness, Disgust and Anger. Joy is in charge and determined to keep Riley happy, sheltering her from feeling sad. Memories are a big deal at Riley’s brain HQ and it’s an accident involving core memories that spark off a journey into the rest of Riley’s mind and by extension her personality as Joy and Sadness are separated from the other emotions and must find a way back to HQ.

Good god Inside Out is complex but it’s also surprising simple. It’s done so effortlessly and with such skill that it’s never lofty or too high concept. It all works.

Joy and Sadness have to work together to get back to HQ, meanwhile Anger, Disgust and Fear are left in charge, leaving Riley vulnerable.


What’s interesting is that Joy is definitely in charge in Riley’s mind but when we see inside her mother’s mind we see that Sadness is in charge, which is yet another subtle way of saying that sadness is an important part of our inner workings. We must not ignore it or suppress it but embrace it as part of life and to keep our emotions in balance.


With fabulous voice acting, especially from Amy Poehler,  Lewis Black and Phyllis Smith, beautiful visuals Inside Out is more than ‘just a kids film’ it’s a deep and sophisticated film.

It’s a ballsy move for a film aimed at children to tackle concepts like abstract thought and mental health but more than that, it taps into our childhood experiences. As a kid that moved a lot, I became quite emotional as I could relate a lot to Riley.

I thoroughly enjoyed the film and I while I might be a bit hasty here as I only saw the film yesterday, I think it ranks among Pixar’s best.
Everyone in the audience, children and adults were caught up in Riley’s life from the get go. It’s one of those family films that will actually help parents understand their children a little better and perhaps even themselves a little better too.

It’s beautiful to watch, funny, thought provoking and a lot of fun. And of course in true Pixar fashion, you’ll cry. Yes you will. Bring tissues.

Book your tickets to see Inside Out at the Garden City Cinema here


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