Big Hero 6 is at The Garden City Cinema

big-hero-6-movie-poster-disneyBig Hero Six is showing at the Garden City Cinema and it’s the summer holidays so, if you missed it at the cinema the first time around, now’s the time to take the kids along!

Disney’s follow up to Frozen, Big Hero Six is about a brotherly connection.
14 year old Hiro Hamada is a robotics wunderkind and spends his time building robots for illegal robot fights.
groupTo help focus his young brother’s talents, older brother Tadashi brings him to his lab to show him his latest project – Baymax. Hiro also meets Tadashi’s friends the poorly named GoGo, Wasabi, Honey Lemon, and Fred who go on to form the Big Hero Six after a terrible accident claims Tadashi’s life.

Grief plays a big role in the film as Hiro struggles to adjust to life without his brother but with Baymax’s help he is able to move on. Meanwhile Hiro discovers that the microbots he was working on, to help him get into the same university as his brother, have been stolen and mass replicated by an unknown villain in a kabuki mask.

big-hero-6-villainGrief plays a big role in the film as Hiro struggles to adjust to life without his brother but with Baymax’s help he is able to move and the creation of the Big Hero 6 helps his brother’s friends come to terms with the loss too
Baymax is adorable in every way, you almost instantly fall in love with the character, whereas the other characters take a bit of getting used to.

bymax hiroSadly not enough time is spent with Baymax outside of his supersuit, we lose the cuddly, cute character we fell in love with at the beginning of the film once he’s given the power of flight etc via the super suit Hiro creates for him and I found that disappointing. I was disappointed at the character development for the other members of the 6 and while the film has it moments of comedy, there were a little few and far between.

Big Hero Six doesn’t have the emotional punch you might expect from Disney and overall it’s a little lacklustre but Baymax more than makes up for it and it is beautiful to watch. The city of San Fransokyo is a wonderful mashup of San Fransico and Tokoyo and it works really well.

Sunfire_&_Big_Hero_6_No.1Big Hero 6 is based on a Marvel comic although various changes have been made, so if Big Hero 6 does it for you and your kids then check out the comics and see how they match up.

To book your tickets to see Big Hero 6 click here


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