Garden City Cinema Review, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

motorbike scene

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation is now showing at the Garden City Cinema.

I’m not normally a fan of the Mission Impossible franchise but I was pleasantly surprised by the last film Ghost Protocol so I was hoping Rogue Nation would be of a similar standard.

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation is as action packed as you would expect. As usual Tom Cruise shows off new and creative ways to kill himself by doing his own stunts including hanging off an airplane and a rather fantastic motorbike/car chase that is seriously impressive and in today’s CGI laiden films having your lead do his own stunts is refreshing. However, the plot wasn’t enough to keep me that interested. Dare I say there was too much action?

Sean-Harris-in-Mission-Impossible-5Rogue Nation is all about proving that the Syndicate (a criminal organisation which was a regular antagonist in the original TV series) exists and the hunt for the man seemingly in charge, Solomon Lane, played by the always intense,creepy as hell Sean Harris.

Meanwhile CIA Director Alan Hunley (Alec Baldwin) after an explosion at the Kremlin, disbands IMF (Impossible Mission Force). Hunley blames Hunt for the explosion and with Hunt on the run after being identified by the Syndicate he must do what he can to exhonerate himself and expose the Syndicate as a real threat.

ilsa faustNew to the franchise is femme fatale, disavowed M16 agent Ilsa Faust. Played by Rebecca Ferguson she saves Ethan after he is captured by the Syndicate and helps him escape. Her character has been hailed as a stand out performance but to be honest I just don’t see it.
She’s smart, deadly and mysterious but little else to draw you in.

Ilsa is not exactly the romantic interest except that she totally is and that’s a little frustrating. She has the potential to be a really interesting character but I feel that was lost in the interest of her being kickass and looking cool.

airplaneNot as witty as or as character driven as Ghost Protocol, which, for me is a disappointment but if you’re a hardcore action fan you won’t be disappointed. It’s fast, slick and totally over the top.
Simon Pegg does his shtick, Ving Rhames wears a hat and Jeremy Renner never fails to remind me how much I dislike him as an actor.

You never really get carried away with the story, you’re always very aware you’re watching a blockbuster. The dialogue is, to be frank, laughable at times “Ethan Hunt is the manifestation of destiny…” Yeah, that’s a genuine line and it’s not the only line that will make you roll your eyes. Rogue Nation Director Christopher McQuarrie wrote the screenplay and he also wrote The Usual Suspects, where did that writer go?

It’s worth noting I am clearly in the minority when it comes to Rogue Nation, plenty of critics are calling it the best in the franchise and it’s doing well at the box office. So go check it out and see what you think, is Rogue Nation the best in the franchise? Or were you left underwhelmed?

To book tickets to see Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation at the Garden City Cinema click here.


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