The Rocky Horror Show Live at the Garden City Cinema


My unconventional unconventionalists!

Creator of the cult phenomenon The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Richard O’Brien will be joining the Rocky Horror Show LIVE cast and for one night only will be live streamed at the Garden City Cinema.

This announcement has me ridiculously excited as, and I’m aware this is going to sound cheesy and overly dramatic but believe me when I say that The Rocky Horror Picture Show changed my life.

I was 9 years old and my older cousin taught me how to do the Time Warp. That evening I asked my parents to go to the local video shop to rent a copy and after I saw it, it quickly made its way onto my Christmas list and life was never the same again.
It spoke to me in a way that only truly special films can. It confirmed that I was not alone, I felt like the film was made especially for me.

It had it all, rock & roll, cross dressing, horror, singing, dancing, it was weird but in such a way that even at age 9 I understood the message behind the film.
Don’t dream it, be it.

From the lyrics of the opening number Science Fiction/Double Feature makes it clear the film is a loving tribute to B movies through a glam/punk lens.
The story of Brad Majors and Janet Weiss, an newly engaged very square couple, are stranded after their car breaks down during a storm. They must approach a spooky looking mansion to ask for help. (That spooky mansion is Oakley Court, a Victorian Gothic mansion used in countless Hammer Horror productions.)

What they find inside is not the help they were looking for but ultimately the help they needed. A sweet (but unhinged) transvestite opens their eyes to their repressed lifestyle and behaviour and they meet many colourful characters who have their own motives for hanging around the spooky house.

Rocky Horror touches upon, homosexuality, bisexuality transvestitism, cannibalism, aliens, voyeurism, incest, murder and reanimation. What’s not to love?
Despite its fantastical plot, it felt oddly grounded in reality, which only became clearer as I got older.

Since the film’s release it has become a cult classic, loved the world over. People dress up as their favourite characters to attend late night screenings and the stage play, from which the film is adapted is still on stage with various leading men just dying to play Dr Frank N Furter. Richard O’Brien has said of the stage show which opened in 1973..

“No one expected it to have any more life than the five-week run. It went on, and then the years went on.


Rocky Horror turned 40 this year and in celebration of that Richard O’Brien has joined the cast, although not as Riff Raff but as the Narrator. I think this will work splendidly and I cannot wait to see it at my local cinema.

To book tickets to see the live screening of The Rocky Horror Show Live at the Garden City Cinema in Welwyn Garden City click here


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