Garden City Cinema Review – The Gift


The Gift is now showing at the Garden City Cinema in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire. Go see it!

The Gift is a remarkable psychological thriller that builds tension throughout and will have you on the edge of your seat. It’s smart, has an undeniable truth to it and is unpredictable in its severity.


Jason Bateman and Rebecca Hall play married couple Simon and Robyn, who move to L.A for a fresh start. Not long after they bump into one of Simon’s old school friends, Gordo. Played by the film’s writer and director Joel Edgerton, Gordy is creepy and uncomfortable from the start. They engage in the typical exchanging of numbers with the promise to meet up.

Robyn and Simon return home to find a welcoming gift from Gordo which seems innocent enough but Gordo starts turning up at the house unexpectedly and more gifts follow.

It’s difficult to give a real review of The Gift without giving away pretty major plot spoilers. What I can say is this, the acting is great, the pacing is tight and will give you plenty to talk about when you leave the cinema!

The Gift is a layered and pretty sophisticated film that’s shot beautifully. The cast are all excellent, it’s good to see Jason Bateman play a more serious role, his intensity adds extra discomfort. Rebecca Hall is engaging as his wife Robyn, who is dealing with a lot aside from the strange man who keeps dropping by unannounced.

Do yourself a favour and go into the film blind, don’t watch the trailer, don’t read any more reviews, just go see it. It’s a quality film that you won’t regret seeing and if you go in nothing you’ll get even more out of the experience.

To book tickets to see The Gift at the Garden City Cinema click here


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