Garden City Cinema Review – The Boxtrolls


Boxtrolls is now showing at the Garden City Cinema in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire.

Stop motion is alive and well in Boxtrolls. Made by the production company who made Coraline and Paranorman, both excellent stop motion films with a dark edge that children and adults can enjoy.

It’s a deliciously textured, dark, funny and surprisingly smart. Ben Kingsley, Elle Fanning, Simon Pegg, Richard Ayoade and more provide the voices for this story that runs with themes of family, social status and the importance of self.


Boxtrolls is based on a novel called Here be Monsters by Alan Snow. It’s the story of Eggs, an orphaned boy who is raised by the Boxtrolls, creatures that live underground and have a reputation for eating babies.
But that’s just a rumour spread by
Archibald Snatcher, a monstrous troll exterminator.

Eggs meets Winnie, the daughter of Lord Portley-Rind, the leader of the cheese munching council. Winnie is obsessed with the gory details about the trolls but ends up helping Eggs save the Trolls from Snatcher.

Snatcher, voiced by the marvellous Ben Kingsley, is desperate to become part of the upper classes and will do anything to get it. He makes a deal with Lord Portley-Rind who promises to make Snatcher part of the council if he exterminates all the trolls.

Eggs, Winnie and the Trolls work together to bring Snatcher and his henchmen down before he kills all the trolls and takes a position of power within the town.

Atmospheric and so beautifully detailed Boxtrolls is a work of art with steampunk leanings and it’s really funny. Richard Ayoade, Nick Frost and Tracy Morgan provide voices for Snatcher’s henchmen and they’re brilliant but of course it’s the Trolls that steal the show.

Stop motion always deserves support, it’s a rare medium, especially in this digital age but the amount of skill, time and effort that goes into making a stop motion animation is always worthy of my time.

Boxtrolls is a superb example of stop motion and it’s a great, fun film that adults and children will enjoy.

To book tickets to see The Boxtrolls click here.


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