Garden City Cinema Review – 45 Years


British drama 45 Years is now showing at the Garden City Cinema in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire.

Kate and Geoff Mercer are one week away from celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary when news arrives that the body of Geoff’s old girlfriend who died in 1962 during an accident in Switzerland, has been found.

Geoff and Katya were a couple when Geoff was 25, a few years before he met Kate. They had been travelling in Europe when the accident occurred and while Kate has always known about Katya this unexpected news affects them both in unexpected ways.

Set in the idyllic Norfolk countryside, Kate and Geoff live a comfortable, quiet life which is disrupted with such unexpected news. A confession, some odd behaviour and secrets buried in the cold attack that literally sends a cold chill into the house all make for an intriguing watch.

There’s a sense of the calm before the storm throughout the film. It’s a quiet, still film that thanks to the excellent actors, is able to convey everything needed with subtlety, a look, pauses in conversations and it’s no accident that Katya is the Russian equivalent of Katherine.

Charlotte Rampling and Tom Courtenay are superb as Kate and Geoff, great naturalistic acting. The few supporting actors are good too.
While the majority of the audience were over a certain age, which is hardly surprising as it’s being marketed to that demographic, there is plenty to gain from seeing this film at any age.

You can book tickets to see 45 Years at the Garden City Cinema here.


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