Garden City Cinema Review – Miss You Already


Miss You Already is now showing at the Garden City Cinema in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire.

This comedy drama stars Drew Barrymore as Jess and Toni Collette as Milly, best friends since school who are just as close now as they were as children but that bond is about to be tested.

We meet Jess at the beginning of the film in the middle of labour, calling for Milly.

We get a short introduction to the friends meeting as children, their journey growing up together and what their lives are like now.
Milly is a successful business woman with an equally successful husband, played by Dominic Cooper who live with their two kids in a swanky London apartment. Jess and her partner Jago (played by Paddy Considine) live on a riverboat on the Thames and are trying, unsuccessfully, to start a family.

Things take a turn when Milly is diagnosed with breast cancer. A shocking revelation but one that’s met with as much positivity as Milly can muster. She struggles with losing her hair, the treatments and the looming threat of a mastectomy.

Milly goes through the ups and downs of the cancer treatment, remission and recurrence while Jess offers love and support.
The film does a good job at showing what families and friends go through when a loved one is diagnosed with a serious illness. Milly's friendship with Jess is strained as Milly's behaviour spirals and her marriage is pushed onto the rocks.

Miss You Already may not be maudlin but it is a fairly bland affair.

One of the problems the film has is that it's never really clear why Jess and Milly are friends, there's not a lot of give and take in this relationship.
Milly is quite an unlikeable character, which isn't necessarily a problem in and of itself but when you consider the emotional pull of the film is Milly's fight with cancer, it's a struggle to empathise with her at times.

Everyone in the cast is good, the comedy is light but most of all its underwhelming. You won't come away with any deep insight into cancer or indeed friendship but the performances are good and if you want something fairly easy going you may enjoy it.

You can book tickets to see Miss You Already at the Garden City Cinema here.


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2 Responses to Garden City Cinema Review – Miss You Already

  1. Leigh stoten says:

    I happen to disagree with this review…..u went with my mum & daughter…..we all loved it! You can see the bond these girls have having grown up together or maybe through college. Milly is a firey character & I for one can fully understand why she did what she did. Loved the film & recommend yiu take plenty of tissues!! Definately a weepy….if you like & remember the film beaches you’ll love this film x

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