Garden City Cinema Review – Roger Waters The Wall

wpid-img_22168n.jpgLast night Roger Waters The Wall came to the Garden City Cinema in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire and it was superb!

Most people remember the first time they heard The Wall and as an introduction to the film actor Liam Neeson describes how The Wall made such a big impact on him. It was a moment of clarity and introspection for Neeson.

wpid-wp-1443712548455.jpgThis version of The Wall was filmed in
France and Italy and is part documentary part live concert.
The Wall has always been a deeply personal album for Waters. It addresses the damage to his life when his father died during the second world war, it addresses his growing animosity towards what he felt were indifferent audiences and of course a sprinkling of Syd Barrett.
These themes of abandonment, war and isolation have kept The Wall relevant despite being released 35 years ago.

wpid-wp-1443712534769.jpgPink Floyd have always been known to go all out on their tours and this tour of The Wall is no exception. A literal wall covers the stage with various backgrounds and animation projected onto it and as the concert continues more bricks are added to the wall.
The huge inflatables are back and all this creates a feast for your eyes. It’s spellbinding.

The concert itself is fantastic, as you would imagine but it’s the documentary style snippets of Waters travelling to France to visit his grandfather’s grave and to Italy to visit the war memorial where his father is honoured. The impact two world wars had on one family is apparent.
We chase the ghost of Waters father as he walks from room to room in a large house always just a step too fast for us to catch. The scenery is sparse but beautiful and the conversations Waters has with whoever is in the car with him as he drives towards his history are interesting and at times humourus.

If you get a chance to see this film on the big screen, do it! It’s an epic album that demands attention and being shown on cinema screens makes perfect sense.

After the film Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason and Waters answers questions about The Wall, Pink Floyd and more, it was hilarious.
All in all a great night, full of insight and excellent music. Another great event at the Garden City Cinema .

Moxie McMurder


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