Garden City Cinema Review – The Intern

wpid-wp-1444439712136.jpgThe Intern is now showing at the Garden City Cinema in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire.

It just goes to show, you can’t always judge a film by its trailer.

My initial thoughts were, haven’t we already seen this film? The Internship (2013) starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson as two middle aged guys working for Google – it was awful. I assumed The Intern would be of similar standard except more schmaltzy. I was surprised to find it was actually alright.

wpid-wp-1444441096330.jpgThe Intern stars Robert De Niro as Ben, a 70 year widower who, since retirement struggles to find fulfillment. He spots an advert for a program set up to get seniors into the workplace as interns. Ironically, recruiting using a paper flyer that points out how tech savvy these seniors should be.

wpid-wp-1444441219171.jpgAnne Hathaway is Jules, the founder and CEO of About The Fit, an online clothing company that’s growing fast and her investors have put her under pressure to appoint a new, more experienced CEO.

This is when Ben enters her life as her new intern. Jules initially feels that she doesn’t need an intern but he proves himself to be exactly what she needs. He is something of a father figure to Jules and her employees and helps her realise her full potential and the importance of believing in herself.

wpid-wp-1444462756071.jpgThe younger cast including Workaholics Anders Holm and Adam DeVine as well as Zack Pearlman, while playing classic manchild characters are amusing at times. It’s always good to see Rene Russo onscreen even if she is underused, she plays Ben’s love interest, the company masseuse. Yup, it’s a hipster office, Jules even rides a bicycle through the office. How quirky…

The Intern, for all its feminist and ageism statements sends some mixed messages but overall it’s a mild, easy going comedy with a touch of drama.

The reaction to the film has me intrigued, the swapped gender roles of Jules and her husband, him being a stay at home Dad,has raised some pretty tragic comments from some corners so I’m interested to hear what you think of the film. I might write a little something addressing these complaints.

Let me know what you think of The Intern in the comments.

To book tickets to see The Intern at the Garden City Cinema click here.

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