Whoever told me The Hallows was good, lied and now owes me a coffee.


Directed by visual artist Corin Hardy, The Hallows is a mediocre creature feature steeped in folklore. Young couple Adam (Joseph Mawle) and Clare (Bojana Novakovic) and their newborn Finn move to a cottage in Ireland that backs onto woodland and in typical style the creepy locals warn them to stay away from the woods.
The woods are home to some creepy creatures that attack the family in a variety of ways and they have to rely on themselves to survive the night.

imageI liked the way the film is shot and the special effects are pretty good, that’s part of the problem, the film looks good but the story just doesn’t pack equal punch. The film’s pacing is good, we get to the action fairly quickly but after that it starts to drag.
With little tension or suspense the film became pretty underwhelming pretty quickly.
There’s a good cameo from Michael Smiley and Game of Thrones regular Michael McElhatton but I wasn’t overly impressed with the performance of the main two leads and felt apathetic towards their characters.

The Hallows has some redeeming qualities but not enough to warrant a recommendation. Overall the film left me cold although I did enjoy the scene played out over the credits but then is dulled a little by an unnecessary and cheap jump scare.

wpid-wp-1447276856652.jpgHave you seen The Hallows? What did you think?
Let me know in the comments!

Moxie McMurder
A Shared Madness


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