Garden City Cinema Review – Hotel Transylvania 2


CAST – Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg, Selena Gomez, Steve Buscemi , MelBrooks
DIRECTOR – GenndyTartakovsky

Hotel Transylvania 2 starts with the wedding of vampire Mavis (Gomez) human Johnny (Samberg), who we saw meet & fall in love in the first film.
Cut to a year later and Mavis is pregnant and gives birth to a boy, Dennis. The boy is the apple of his Vampfather’s (Sandler) eye, but he’s concerned that Dennis is more human than vampire and with Mavis considering moving so Dennis can be around humans Drac sets about trying to make his grandson vamp out so they can stay at the hotel.

This second outing of Hotel Transylvania is better than the first film but suffers from the same problems. Most of the jokes fall flat, the unnecessary dance breaks are cheesy as hell but there’s plenty to keep the kids amused. I laughed out loud more than once so don’t despair parents, it’s not that bad!

Moxie McMurder


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