Man Up is a Decent RomCom with a Terrible Title!


ACTORS – Simon Pegg, Lake Bell, Rory Kinnear
DIRECTOR – Ben Palmer
Cert – 15

From the title alone I was sure that Man Up wouldn’t be for me but as it turns out it’s a decent romcom but it has a terrible title which bears no relevance to the film at all.

Simon Pegg and Lake Bell are the leads in this British film. Lake Bell is Nancy, a single woman who would rather stay in her hotel room eating room service and watching Silence of the Lambs than go to an engagement party where she knows she’s being set up with a blind date.
Nancy ends up talked into going to the party by her sister and it’s a shambles.

Simon Pegg is newly divorced Jack who’s been set up on a blind date and through a misunderstanding mistakes Nancy to be his blind date. After a coincidental quote from Silence of the Lambs Nancy decides to play along.

Thankfully this deception is revealed fairly early into the film and it picks up speed. They argue, hijinks ensue and the film merrily chugs along to its conclusion.

While it’s not hilarious the film is amusing at times and Pegg and Bell have chemistry, which helps. However the film feels a bit out of date, there’s something of the Bridget Jones about Nancy.

Overall despite being full of clichés and some strange character choices Man Up is a decent comedy with a terrible title.

Moxie McMurder


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2 Responses to Man Up is a Decent RomCom with a Terrible Title!

  1. garethrhodes says:

    I agree that the title is a bit of a put-off, although like you, I enjoyed the film itself very much.

    Great write up. 🙂

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