Lost River

I’m not a fan of Ryan Gosling when it comes to acting. Drive bored me to tears. But if his directing is anything to do by then play on.

Lost River was a real surprise
Christina Hendricks, Saoirse Ronan, Matt Smith, Eva Mendes and Iain De Caestecker make up the cast in this unusual dark and Lynchian film.

Set in a small town in decay that’s ruled by a total nutbag, a mother (Hendricks) tries to save her home and stay in the area despite people leaving in their droves. She takes on a new job to support herself and her two sons. This new job is at a select club where the blood flows as easily as the booze.

Meanwhile her eldest son discovers a town that was flooded years before. He’s drawn to this part of town and discovers secrets under the water. This son, Bones (De Caestecker) spends his days salvaging copper from abandoned buildings to make money.
This brings him into contact with Bully (Smith) who runs the town through intimidation and violence and who has claimed all the copper in town as his own.

Matt Smith is excellent as the psychotic Bully, I didn’t recognise him at first!
And the rest of the cast are just as good but it’s the darker elements of Lost River that really did it for me.

Saoirse Ronan has a small role as a friend and love interest of Bones, her Grandmother lives in her basement, still dressed for her husband’s funeral, her lipstick – perfect. She doesn’t speak, she just sits in the dark watching her wedding video. It’s deliciously Lynch inspired and just unique enough to separate it from other impersonators of his style.

The cinematography is gorgeous and the use of colour and distorted angles makes this as much of a visual treat as a mental one.

A real surprise – loved it!

Moxie McMurder
A Shared Madness


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