Garden City Cinema Review – Bridge of Spies

Bridge of Spies

ACTORS – Tom Hanks, Mark Rylance, Alan Alda,
DIRECTOR – Stephen Spielberg
CERT – 12A

I loved Bridge of Spies, but then with a great cast and a screenplay by the Coen Brothers’ how could you not?

Based on a true story Bridge of Spies covers the story of Brooklyn insurance lawyer James B. Donovan (Hanks)who is assigned as a defence attorney for a captured, quietly spoken and unassuming, Soviet spy called Rudolph Abel (Rylance).
Donovan is one of the good guys, he firmly believes in everyone’s right to a good defence, he’s like a real life Atticus Finch.

This makes him wildly unpopular with the public and his own family.
After the court case and sentencing of Abel, Donovan is recruited to negotiate an exchange of prisoners as the Soviet’s have captured an American spy. Not only that but an American student has been taken prisoner too but the US government aren’t interested in saving him..just yet. Donovan however leaves no man left behind and while expressly told to forget about the student, he refuses to, which complicates the negotiations.

Beautifully edited and with an excellent, tight script Bridge of Spies is compelling stuff. The visuals are important, pay attention and there are patterns and repeats of images.
There’s also a lot of subtle comedy in the film which was unexpected but well placed. The story itself is a good one but the film is less about the situation and more about the man, Donovan. What a guy!

Tom Hanks giving a great performance, as you might imagine. As if the role was written with him in mind, which is always a possibility. I thoroughly recommend Bridge of Spies, it’s a fascinating story and told perfectly.

Moxie McMurder
A Shared Madness


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