Garden City Cinema Review – Joy


ACTORS – Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro, Virginia Madsen, Bradley Cooper, Isabella Rossellini
DIRECTOR – David O. Russell
CERT – 12A

Joy is now showing at the Garden City Cinema in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire.

I’m a fan of Jennifer Lawrence, she’s wonderfully watchable in just about any role and Joy is no exception.
Not strictly a biopic,  Joy is the story of a young woman who invented a mop that started a business and launched a long career.
While some elements of the story are embellished or in fact invented it is based on a real person.


Joy (Lawrence) lives with her Mother (Madsen), who spends all her time in bed watching soap operas. Joy has two children and her ex husband lives in the basement. Her life is hectic, she never seems to have a minute to herself and after her father (De Niro) moves in with her too, she’s put under a lot of pressure.

A fascination with creating things has led Joy to invent a few things and she creates a new mop.
Doesn’t sound too exciting does it? But I got sucked into the story!

I found myself rooting for Joy, with the odds stacked against her she fights every step of the way and has to deal with a terrible family too. De Niro and Rossellini are great as the father and his wealthy girlfriend who put up the cash to start Joy’s enterprise.

The problem with Joy is that the tone is uneven, is it winking at itself? Or is it genuinely trying to be sincere? It’s never fully clear. That said I still enjoyed the film and think plenty of other people will too.
It’s an easygoing, uplifting story that’s full of charm, comedy and drama.

Click the link to book tickets to see Joy at the Garden City Cinema

Moxie McMurder

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