The Shallows 

DIRECTOR: Jaume Collet-Serra STARRING:Blake Lively

Well there’s no LL Cool J track to accompany it but we won’t hold that against the The Shallows. 

In this Jaws meets Castaway thriller/horror we see Blake Lively take centre stage as Nancy. Nanny’s a young surfer from Texas who has travelled to Mexico to find a secret beach her mother had told her about before she died.

Nanny’s on holiday with her friend, who’s cried off from finding the secret beach with a hangover. Nancy didn’t travel all this way just to be put off by being a single adventurer so decides to seek it out on her own. 

Once there she takes to the water to catch some waves but there’s something in the water. A very large shark. Nancy is attacked and takes refugee on a piece of rock where she’s trapped. The shark, as always, takes a missed meal personally. 

These days most shark films are so full of CGI that it makes it impossible to enjoy them on a horror level but at least with The Shallows the effects are done extremely well.

There are some good jump scares and the tension holds up well throughout. While it’s been done before I did enjoy the way social media, texts and phonecalls are displayed on screen so we’re always a part of what’s going on.

Blake Lively does a wonderful job of shouldering the film, managing to find some humour as well as delivering a good dramatic performance. 

While you could probably poke holes in some areas, it’s an enjoyable experience  although doesn’t quite live up to the hype.

That said, if you’re a sucker for a shark film, like myself I’d say check it out! 

Moxie McMurder 

A Shared Madness 


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