She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry


I love an angry woman. Hell I am an angry woman! Angry women get shit done.
If you have any interest in feminist and the history of the women’s liberation movement you need to watch She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry.
Directed by Mary Dore and released in 2014 this documentary is now available to watch on Netflix and I urge you to seek it out.


The birth of feminism and the origins of the women’s liberation movement has such an interesting and revelatory history but it’s rarely discussed. So often we’re caught up in the modern fight for equality that we forget what came before. Its history is still so relevant to the fight modern women are currently fighting. I.e birth control, reproductive rights, equal pay

Using archive footage and interviews with prominent founders and members of various women’s liberation organisations you are treated to a pretty intensive and detailed film.
Judith Arcana, Jacqui Ceballos, Muriel Fox, Fran Beal, Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton,Denise Oliver and more. These activists and many many more helped to bring about change and helped bring the issue of inequality and sexism to the masses.


The film takes a look at the various movements and doesn’t shy away from the wrong turns and mistakes these women made in the journey that’s still continuing today. It’s important to see how things have moved on and it’s important that people know the history of feminism. Women are constantly erased from history so it’s especially important that we understand our own history.

witch2If nothing else I need more people to see members of W.I.T.C.H. (Women’s International Conspiracy from Hell!) hex passers by during a demonstration.

Director Mary Dore was active in the women’s liberation movement during the mid ‘70s and the film is clearly a very personal piece, it shows. I found it to be an incredibly inspirational film, in the same way that The Punk Singer (2013) made me want to start my own band, She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry makes you want to either get involved in feminism or step up your game if you’re already an activist.

Go watch it now!

Moxie McMurder
A Shared Madness


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