Who Killed Sister Cathy?


The latest true crime documentary series on Netflix went live this weekend and I really enjoyed it. I just finished it, so this is probably going to be a bit rambly but…so be it.

The seven episodes of The Keepers tells the story of an unsolved murder of nun Sister Cathy and the possible link with a cover up of sexual abuse within a catholic school during the late 60’s

While this isn’t the same edge of seat viewing that Making A Murderer was, The Keepers is more laid back, it’s essential viewing. Not many people are aware just how much power the Catholic church has in communities like these.

Sister Catherine Cesnik was just 26 years old when her body was found on snowy wooded wasteland in 1970. Beloved by all that knew her, her disappearance and murder rocked the lives of those who knew her and yet her murder was swept under the carpet and not investigated as fully as you would have imagined.

Sister Cathy’s murder lived on in the memory of who women who attended Keough High School where the nun had taught them. Two of these women, Gemma Hoskins and Abbie Schaub started a Facebook group to talk about the murder and started to investigate the murder themselves to see if they could help, find some small clue that could bring the killer to justice. They had no idea what they were setting in motion.

Father Joseph Maskell,  Neil Magnus

Father Joseph Maskell, Neil Magnus both accused of sexual abuse. Picture from Netflix

A woman named Jean Hargadon Wehner seemed to hold the key to the murder. She knew Sister Cathy and had told her that Father Josesph Maskell and Neil Magnus were sexually abusing her. Sister Cathy seemed to have had her suspicions about what was happening and told Jean she would sort it out. Not long after Sister Cathy disappeared.
What had started for Gemma Hoskins and Abbie Schaub as a chance to go over a cold case had turned into the discovery of systematic abuse at their school and more.

Each of the episodes fills in more of the story and just how far up the justic system this stretches. It’s also a chance for victim’s voices to be heard and so important for people to understand why it sometimes takes victim’s so long before the tell anybody what happened. It’s essential more people understand that side of sexual abuse.

The Keepers is a great piece of documentary making and Netflix is doing a pretty good job of showing the exhaustive nature of crime. This isn’t so much about who killed her but why. With series like this and Making A Murderer, you do get a better look at the story and how crime impacts people’s lives. Also, I love that it took two retired women to crack the case open a little wider. Like a retired Cagney and Lacey or something. I have so much respect for them.

When you’ve watched the series let me know what you thought!

Moxie McMurder
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